Getting New Kicks

So, I am training for the Lady Speed Stick Half Marathon in St. Petersburg, Florida on November 18, 2012.  This is my first race of any distance beyond the adorable 3.1.  Adding a “1” in front of that number is scary to me.  Some people think I am crazy and some people think it’s worthless if you are not going to try to win, but to me it’s an important goal.  My running plans were kicked off course earlier in the year so instead of getting better and skinnier I got slower and chubbier.  WHAT?  I thought if you worked hard you got to see the results… Well, I have learned the hard way that more than the actual work there is a mental aspect to setting and keeping any goal.

I am running this race to prove to myself (and really no one else) that I can do it.  If I come in last I won’t care, well maybe a little, but overall the finish and that medal are my goal.  Although, truthfully I am not looking forward to the end of race picture though.  I always look like a giant, pink rat or an equally creepy, sweaty animal.

But, anyway this first post is about my meeting with my running idol and blog star Mary.  I “met” her through her super sweet twin sister at my previous job.  I miss her everyday at work now.  Mary’s blog is very informative and inspiring.  She makes you want to be a healthier person.  Sit next to her for a few minutes and you instantly burn 6 calories and get better skin.  Well, maybe that’s an exageration but she rocks either way.   She met me at a local running store Fit2Run in Tampa and we picked out some new shoes.  She had me get on a treadmill and run in the middle of the store to see my running stride and how my feet hit the treadmill (over-pronate – roll in or supinate – roll out).  Turns out I am an excessive over-pronator so I needed a stability shoe.  Also, one foot is bigger than the other – so pretty much all-around great news!   In the end, I could choose between either the Asics Gel-Kayano 18 or the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.  Turns out I have been running in the right shoes since I already happen to sport a pair of Asics Gel-Kayano 18s.  Go me.  But, since the Brooks offers a larger toe box I decided to get a pair of those.  Last night I pulled the trigger on these right here:

Oh look they match the blog too! Sweet, no?

I will let you know how they work out as I am going to try and integrate them into my training ASAP, so I can use them for the race if possible.  If not I have the Asics to fall back on.  But, I really don’t want to fall.

What shoes do you use for your workouts or runs?  I love a good review!


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