Halloween Temptations

So to me, Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year.  Spooky activities and fall festivals are popping up everywhere.  I am a sucker for a fall festival.  All the spices are coming out of the cabinet and pumpkin spice is sprinkled on everything.  My favorite of 2012 is the new Blue Diamond Almonds Pumpkin Spice flavor.  They are delightful and not overpowering like some other pumpkin spice flavors.  I have only found them at Walgreens locally but they are available on Amazon.com too.

I have no Halloween parties to attend so I am not looking for that $100 costume like previous years.  Check out my Halloween costume collage….  Hot pink and black can-can dancer has been my favorite so far.  Also, that vampire one is doctored but I needed it for the collage.

So for 2012, I am going as a budget witch.  Pictures will soon follow I am sure.  My goal is to keep it under $20.

Anyway, back to the Halloween treats…

The worst thing about Halloween and dieting is the all the candy! [Closely followed by finding a cute costume that fits and looks right for your body type.]  But, there is candy everywhere including my office and my house.  It just sits there and staring … calling out like that Pier One commercial “you like me, take me home, eat me.”  The worst part of avoiding these treats is having candy in the house prior to and after Halloween night.  I mean you have to pass it out right?  And, you cannot throw it away after because that would be wasteful and very wrong on so many levels.  But, it’s not really “fitkist” material so we have to deal with it.  First, knowledge of what you are eating is important!  Check out this Cooking Light article, with a comprehensive candy comparison.   It gives you individual portion nutrition information about the sugar, fat and calorie content in the most common candies.

This year the bowl is on the dining room table so Rob can monitor/eat it. That way I have to stare at it but I don’t want the candy inside to shrink so I avoid it.  I forget what my dining room looks like.  It’s for the cute trick-or-treaters damn it!  For my visiting ghouls plan to receive, Reeces’ Cups and Pieces, Lifesaver Gummies, M&Ms, Milk Duds, Health Bars, and rings!  Good stuff, kinda.

Also, I have learned that I must have grapes in the house 24 hours a day.  They are sweet, filled with anti-oxidants and they take a while to eat.  Perfect choice in place of M&Ms right?  A typical serving size of Peanut M&Ms is 18 candies which is about 220 calories.  18 red seedless grapes will run you about 72 calories by comparison.  Maybe it is not exactly the same but it’s doing the trick.  I often worry about the future of diabetes and pancreatic problems due to sugar in my foods, so this is a healthier way to get a sweet snack without candy.  But, sometimes you NEED chocolate, so lately I have been eating Z Bars by Clif.  They are chocolate, organic, contain whole grain (8g) and are 130 calories per bar.  They are allegedly for kids…I am a kid too, I have parents.

Yes, I added the moustache on the yellow one…couldn’t resist!

As for the after Halloween night candy in your house problem there are three relatively easy tips I can suggest:

  1. Give all the candy to the last trick or treater.  This kid is happy and you are done with it!
  2. Donate it to a shelter or food bank.  Many kids are homeless too and they would love to get their hands on a Snickers or two.
  3. Find a dental buy back program.  Here you trade your dentist candy for cash or toothbrushes, etc. and they send the candy to the troops.  Win-Win-Win!

Tips one and two can also help parents avoid all the candy their kids bring home from their night of trickery.  The point is: moderation is key but temptation may too much for some of us.  Just get rid of it!

What is your favorite Halloween/Fall treat and what do you do to moderate the candy-a-thon that is October?


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