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Hurricane Season Closing So Let’s Have A Closeout!

So today is the last day of November and a very special day because it the last day of Hurricane Season.  What does that mean to any one who does not live on the east coast?  Not much…

But, I’d like to spend the next 31 days working to end the year in the right way! This means enjoying the end of the year with friends and family.  This includes parties, eating, drinking and having a blast! But, within reason.  So, tons of activities, consuming with moderation, making healthy swaps and doing my best to get fitter each week.  I got a little encouragement from Courtney, from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  She is having a 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge !  I am encouraging you to join!  It is a great way to 2,012 reps in before 2013!  Stop by the website and get the rules if you are interested!



  • How will you spend the last month of your 2012?


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My First Half Marathon Part 2

So much to talk about and so little time!  Thanksbirth week is sneaking snuck up on me! I had plans all day and all night the last three days.

But, I would not be a good little blogger without doing a race recap on my biggest fitness accomplishment of the year!  I finished my first ever half marathon this last week.

As a side note,  I want to be a part of the movement to change the name to Pikermis to denote that people who finish this distance are important on their own.  “13.1 miles should not be considered half of anything!”  Attacking the elusive marathon may not be for everyone.  I can almost guarantee that it is not for me.  (Unless I hit Powerball and dedicate my life to training which is doubtful because if I do hit Powerball running a marathon will be WAY down on the to do!)  Pikermi is the town in Greece that is halfway between the two towns that started the whole marathon phenom: Athens and Marathon.  Check out this to read more!

Back to my race – below is the route I went.  I must admit that it was a lot of fun, the route was scenic and full of spectators on almost every mile.

The the morning was cold and the day was cool and overcast for the entire race.  One of my only regrets was not rocking a long sleeve.  I think I would have been more comfortable along the way if I was a smidge warmer but then you would miss my Run Tampa shirt!  At 6:30 I posed with the girls from Run Tampa.  And!!!! Run Tampa came in third out of all the teams that raced on Sunday!  Rock on ladies.

Looking Good For 630AM!

I was so encouraged by them all during the race.  It was especially nice to get all the high fives and smiles from their water stop at mile 10.  They all did an amazing job!

The above photos courtesy of Debbie Voiles Director of Run Tampa

I ran the first five miles with my new friend Erin.  She was a great motivator but lets face it I was holding her back so I told her to go on ahead and I would catch her at the finish.  She did great with a time of 3:14!

My only problem to report was around mile eight when I got a pain in my stomach but I think it was dehydration because I loaded up on water at the next stop and felt better.  I did not have any problems or injuries during the race except for two med station stops for tissues – I have runny nose what can I say.  Erin said the rest of you is running maybe your nose just wants to take part too!

We ran through Tropicana Field which was awesome.  I had to stop and take a picture.  Actually, a very kind woman saw me self-snapping and helped me out.

Around mile 12 I was ready to be done.  The running was getting less and less frequent and I was tired.  So what a boost when I saw a guy holding a sign that totally invigorated me.  I also forced him to let me borrow his sign and snap a photo!

At the very end, I ran the last quarter-mile and I am glad I did.  I pushed myself even at the end, even when I was tired.  And, that is why running is so awesome.  You get to do things you never though you could.  So, now I can say I did it and I won’t be afraid to try something else but I really feel that if you put your mind to something no matter who doubts you.  You can do it!

  • Have you ever run a Pikermi and what do you remember most about your first one?


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My First Half Marathon Part 1

I finished the Lady’s Speed Stick Women’s Half Marathon yesterday.  Today I will review the expo from Saturday and my race preparations and tomorrow I will post a race recap.

The expo was held at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Hotel.   This is wonderful, old but beautiful hotel on the water and it is perfect for hosting a women’s health and fitness expo because the entire hotel is PINK!  Rob went with me to the expo and helped me take pictures.  I also met my new friend Erin there and we walked through the race packet pick-up and expo together.  I am glad we finally met up because we started the race together and she raced for the first five miles with me.  More to come on that tomorrow…

Pink Hotels Are Fun

Your prize for all your hard work!

There were many vendors there but not as many as I thought.  All the major names were there: Spi-Belt, Bondi Bands, Sweaty Bands, Newton Shoes, Fit-To-Run, Publix, Dr Scholls.  That is just to name a few.

And, as usual there were representatives from many different races there all trying to recruit you to sign up.  The medals are all so enticing!!!  Rock-N-Roll series (which I found out bought out Women’s Running Magazine and the Women’s Half Marathon series), Divas, and Daytona were representing.  One of my favorite booths was the run Disney booth.  I love all things Disney and I am adding a run Disney event to my goals because I need one of these medals.  They have a strict pace requirement of 15 minutes for all of their races.  I am not there yet but I plan to spend the later half of the season increasing speed and maybe do one more long run but not another half.  (Maybe next season!).

Yes, thank you I will have all of those.

My new favorite booth was Running Princess!  I love this place.  Everything is adorable and the quality is good for the price.  Some of the other booths had cute shirts but I am not buying a $60 t-shirt with three words on it.  Thanks anyway!  I bought a new tank for Zumba class and a new Headsweats Visor with a tiara embroidered on it.  It even has rhinestones.  I love it!

I really wanted to wear the visor but decided against it, following the rule that says don’t wear anything new on race day.  I believe you have to wear it in first!  Since I did not get a chance to use them in the 24 hours prior to the race I will be saving for something better.  Maybe my new class at Flava Fitness Studio??  I also bought a new Bondi Band.  I thought this was very fitting because everyone who is running at break neck speed looks really miserable.  I can honestly say I smiled most of my 13.1.  So that is my happy pace.

So, after we left the expo Rob and I went to the mall for lunch, I just had a turkey sandwich.  We did a little bit of shopping and we were home by the early afternoon.  I worked on homework and rested and then ate the rest of my turkey sandwich for dinner.  I was in bed by nine and asleep by ten.  I must have been nervous since I usually fall asleep in fifteen seconds.  My alarm was set for 3:30 and I was up and showered on time.  Stay tuned for the rest of my first half marathon experience coming soon…

  • Do you like packet pick up day at the expo?

F.I.T. Monday 11-19-2012 #003

Weekly F.I.T. Monday Recap

CLASSES: 0 (0 Hours) – Bad!

MILES: 15.1

WEIGHT: -1.2 Any Loss Is Good!





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Ready To Run (I think)

Oh no!  Freak out mode is in full effect!  I am allegedly ruwarling a half marathon on Sunday!  What is ruwarling? Run/Walk/Crawl.  I have a feeling this is how this will go.  Either way if I finish I will be SOOO proud of myself and thankful to my loving boyfriend for being so supportive and listening to me moan and cry about it since I signed up in August.  No one else in my family really cares that I am doing it.  They have no idea really of how hard this is.

Really what was in my head at the time?  I thought maybe I would be faster, skinnier, sleeker, and an overall bad ass by now.  But, as is typical, my training was less than perfect.  So, I am still my same sized-slow-self.


But, last night I got my stuff together.


  • Armpocket: Ipod, Phone, Gu Chomps, Earbuds
  • Sunscreen – When I ran on Saturday I got a little sunkist, so I am trying to avoid that on Sunday.
  • GPS Watch
  • Compression Pants
  • Run Tampa Official Half Shirt
  • UA Sports Bra
  • Socks/Shoes
  • The Official Throw Away Shirt – This is so I can stay warm at 5AM and throw it away before/during the race.  I sliced that shirt right down the front so it will not interfere with my arm candy or outfit during pictures.  Smart no?  DIY Throw Away Shirt How To:  1.  Get Old Shirt.  2. Use Scissors To Cut Line Down Front.  3.  Add A Sweet Logo With Pink Sharpie. Dunzo!
  • Things not pictured: Bib, Tissues, Car Keys, Frightened Look On My Face.

So, fellow reader-runners what am I missing? 

Oh, One Another Thing That Happened This Week…

Move over Flat Stanley, Meet Ross.

For those of you who follow my facebook you know about Ross but for those in blog world let me introduce you.  I found Ross at Ross (it is a discount store that sells clothes/home goods).  He is the creepiest creature I have ever seen.  He was all mixed in with Pumpkin Spice candles and harvest wreaths.  It’s like a pumpkin headed elf with a purple carrot nose, missing teeth and a wink to die for.  Charming.  Rob and I have adopted him and his brother.  His brother is un-named in the box still.  Now he moves all over the house: in the cupboard, the underwear drawer, the bathroom.  He’s the creepiest pet ever.

Meet Ross.


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Really? Run. Ice!

This post will be short and bittersweet…

Last week I purchased an Armpocket Sport i-20.  I love it.  I got it in black and it fits my iPod and my phone, key and cash!  I tried it out on Saturday and I can verify it is moisture resistant.  There was no slipping and I am so happy I bought it.  It will come in handy at all my races. Especially, the half marathon I am running/walking THIS SUNDAY!  As I was loading my iPod into my new Armpocket I dropped it on the concrete driveway.  The screen cracked a million times.   Are you kidding me? Even Pink was pissed – look at that dirty look she is giving me.

Good news! It still works though and I pray that it holds itself together for the half this weekend.   That way I can fight random people on Black Friday to get a new one.

Also, I ran/walk/crawled 11.64 miles on Saturday.  My friend Lisa told me this was a necessary evil for those ill-prepared runners like me.  It sucked and by the end I think I was dehydrated, bored and my legs were screaming “STOP!!!” So, I did.  I went inside called my awesome coach Mary and asked if I should do an ice bath that so many other runners use for these “long runs.”  She okayed it and off I went into the tub.  I filled it up with cold water just over my legs and Rob dumped in the whole tray of ice.  Brrr!  That was COLD!  My teeth were chattering until most of the ice melted.  But, it definitely helped!   I took it easy the rest of the weekend, got some extra sleep and today I don’t feel too bad.

Ice Is Nice

  • Have you ever run a half marathon and what advice do you have? 

F.I.T. Monday 11-12-2012 #002

No too much to report on this today. I have been focusing all my efforts on getting well and surviving this race coming up.

Weekly F.I.T. Monday Recap

CLASSES: 1 (1 Hours) – Improvement!

MILES: 14.64 – I suck, I know, but I only have one week left!

WEIGHT: +1.6 Crap (I really didn’t try admittedly.) 😦


BMI # +.2




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My New Blog Life

Losing My Marbles

Since I started writing this blog I have been blown away about how many cool people are out there sending their lives across the web for people to judge them and peer into their lives.  Some are amazingly beautiful, some are hilarious, some are terrible, okay a lot are terrible but most are better than mine.  So, my post today is about the exciting things I have accomplished and learned from entering the world o’ blogs.  First, I went searching around on Pinterest, which is a task I normally schedule for 5-6 minutes which then turns into hours of me thinking I need to work out more, dress better and bake yummier treats.  If I spent more time doing the things on Pinterest rather than being on Pinterest I would be a really productive person.  Oh well.

Any who… one thing I came across were these motivation marbles from the Hot Mess Princess.  She is also trying to lose weight and she is very funny!  Basically, motivation marbles are DIY weight loss motivators.  You put marbles in a jar and move them as you lose the weight from one jar to the other.  Simple enough, except I am an over-planner and an over-spender.  I have an irrational fear of being unprepared; why I have no idea.

So that is how I turned this ….

Into these…

That’s alota marbles to lose!  My plan is to move one large stone and one small stone for each pound. But, I still don’t know where to put them in my house.  I need to see them for this idea to work.  Any suggestions?!?

Rob also wanted to play but his jars were way less fun then mine!  What does he have like 3 pounds to lose?

Fat moustache to Skinny moustache

Having Type 1 For A Day

My new blog friend Corey (I say “blog friend” because I basically made her be my blog friend and we have never met in person) runs an amazing blog called Learning Patience , definitely sign up you, will not be disappointed in her posts!  She is awesome and she was recently diagnosed with Type One Diabetes (T1D).

T1D is an insulin dependent version of the disease that is very difficult to control and by difficult I mean it takes a lot of work, will power, dedication, patience and bravery to get through everyday.  But, you say, “Melissa, you don’t have T1D, how the hell would you know?”  Well, Miss Corey challenged me to become Type 1 for a day by signing up to receive 24 text messages over a 24 hour period that show you what its like to live with the disease.

Let me tell you it was hard to read those messages.  They came at all hours of the day and night (I even got one at 3:07AM) and there is a lot of carb counting, glucose testing, fasting, drinking, and waiting involved.  Every carb eaten needs insulin to keep people alive.

One that stuck with me – you want to eat an apple?  (Not a Snickers, an apple) you have to prick your finger, test your glucose, maybe take some insulin, maybe not, wait, consider it.  Just think about how every food or fitness decision you make is determined by what that meter says.  Want to run or workout?  You have to test to make sure your body can handle it.  It really was an eye-opening experience.  I am not posting them all because I want you to try it.   One of the problems with being overweight is the threat of Type 2 Diabetes.  That is why I was so interested in her story; Type 2 can be preventable by maintaining a healthy weight.  I suggest you try the challenge if you are thinking about losing weight too.  It will really encourage to make better life choices and lose the weight.  Ps. I know there are big differences in the two types, but they BOTH SUCK so let’s focus on managing/curing the disease and avoiding it if we can.

I found some famous people with Type 1, many who have been dealing with it their whole lives as it is usually a disease diagnosed in children and young adults.  Can you find Corey?

To sign up for the challenge click here.  I double dog dare ya!

Donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation here!

Ornament Swap

(Deadline To Sign Up November 11th)

Last blog note of the week, I am participating in a blind ornament swap.  I heard about it from Dana at Wonder Forest, but click here for more information.  It looks like great fun!  You should sign up and maybe we will be secret partners!


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Race Recap and F.I.T. Monday

Race Recap: Richard’s Run For Life 2012

Friday Rob and I participated in the 11th Annual Richard’s Run For Life race in Ybor City.  It was our first race together since July and our very first race at night.  It started at 7:00PM but we got there early to get our packets and our chips.  Also, because of parking.  I have race day anxiety about parking and tend to arrive mega early so I am not stressed and late.   Call me crazy, I just hate worrying about parking.  The race was a 5K loop and we almost ran into Downtown Tampa it was so close.  It was definitely a party atmosphere with music blasting and chicken and yellow rice smells wafting across the park.  But, it was also one of hope as the race benefits cancer research at Moffitt.  The temperature was cool so that was a big help to me as the Florida heat always gets me down.

I started the race off strong but was shortly left behind by Rob (as is usual).  I always see him running by but he never looks for me.  My unofficial time according to my GPS watch was 46:08 which about a 14:53 pace.  This is about average for me.  But, I was happy with it since I have been battling side pain for about 6 weeks now.   I tried one strip of KT tape and it did not help me very much.  One thing I did learn was to always wear a hat when running even if it’s at night – my hair was bonkers by the end.

Rob and I at the race and probably the worst picture of us ever.

Run Tampa Peeps!

(Note: I never make the Run Tampa group photo.  Ever. This time I missed it because I was third in line for the bathroom after waiting 20 minutes – I just couldn’t leave!!)

Overall, it was a great event with tons of people, food and drinks.  At the end of the race, I was greeted by smiling faces from the team and Rob cheering me on which is always comforting.  We also got “free” dinner courtesy of the Columbia and a couple of Michelob Ultras (I declined the beers this time – shocking I know.)  I had to wake up super early to attend my friend Edith’s baby shower so I wanted to get home, get organized and get to bed. All good things!!  I am glad we hit the streets of Ybor for a good cause this time!  Usually when we are down there at night it’s for madness and mayhem.

  • Have you ever ran a night race?  To me, it was nice because the atmosphere is fun and the temperature is nice and cool.  I also really like running through red lights.  It makes me feel important.

F.I.T. Monday

#001 – This was not the greatest week to start my Fitkist challenge:  I had family in town, my back, leg and side are all injured.  I was planning part of a baby shower and trying to train for a half but I failed.  I just couldn’t get it together.  The closer it gets the more I am dreading it.  I am scared of failing because so many people doubt me.  I am know I am going to suck at it but at least I will have done it.  To me that’s better than not trying at all.  Once I do it I think that a 15K will be my next goal.  There is just too much of a time commitment for me to train for another half now.  I really just want to lose the weight!  I am so inspired by my friend Olivia who has lost 46 pounds since June.  That is crazy awesome.  She is still on the diet but she is really doing it.  I am so happy (and slightly jealous) for her.  I want to be next!

Weekly F.I.T. Monday Recap

CLASSES: 0 (0 Hours) – I suck, I know.

MILES: 10.12 – I suck, I know.

WEIGHT: -2.0 – Yeah me!

BMI # – I will only record the weekly changes.



PB Fingers Book Club Review! October

There is a lot going on in this blog post I know, but I had to get this little book review in.  I started reading the book for the Peanut Butter Finger’s October Book Club Selection : Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.  I started on a Tuesday evening and finished it that night!  It has been a long time since I finished a book in one sitting but I was really intrigued by the story.  The book is about a girl who commits suicide and then sends a set of audio tapes to the thirteen people she think most influenced her decision to take her own life.  The tapes detail each person’s role in her life and eventually her death.  It deals with many teenage problems: underage drinking, lies, unauthorized photos, sex, rape, driving under the influence, bullying and the list goes on…. With all these interesting topics it was hard not to get sucked in.

I really liked how Asher tied all the characters together over the course of the plot.  I was rooting for Hannah (the girl who dies) and Clay (the narrator and one of the 13).  The author really makes you wish things were different for them both.  I highly recommend it for all teens and parents.  It was an eye-opening read.  If you get a chance you should definitely check it out.  I just wish her parents would have played a more of a role in her life and maybe she would have thought differently about ending it.

13 reasons why

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