My New Blog Life

Losing My Marbles

Since I started writing this blog I have been blown away about how many cool people are out there sending their lives across the web for people to judge them and peer into their lives.  Some are amazingly beautiful, some are hilarious, some are terrible, okay a lot are terrible but most are better than mine.  So, my post today is about the exciting things I have accomplished and learned from entering the world o’ blogs.  First, I went searching around on Pinterest, which is a task I normally schedule for 5-6 minutes which then turns into hours of me thinking I need to work out more, dress better and bake yummier treats.  If I spent more time doing the things on Pinterest rather than being on Pinterest I would be a really productive person.  Oh well.

Any who… one thing I came across were these motivation marbles from the Hot Mess Princess.  She is also trying to lose weight and she is very funny!  Basically, motivation marbles are DIY weight loss motivators.  You put marbles in a jar and move them as you lose the weight from one jar to the other.  Simple enough, except I am an over-planner and an over-spender.  I have an irrational fear of being unprepared; why I have no idea.

So that is how I turned this ….

Into these…

That’s alota marbles to lose!  My plan is to move one large stone and one small stone for each pound. But, I still don’t know where to put them in my house.  I need to see them for this idea to work.  Any suggestions?!?

Rob also wanted to play but his jars were way less fun then mine!  What does he have like 3 pounds to lose?

Fat moustache to Skinny moustache

Having Type 1 For A Day

My new blog friend Corey (I say “blog friend” because I basically made her be my blog friend and we have never met in person) runs an amazing blog called Learning Patience , definitely sign up you, will not be disappointed in her posts!  She is awesome and she was recently diagnosed with Type One Diabetes (T1D).

T1D is an insulin dependent version of the disease that is very difficult to control and by difficult I mean it takes a lot of work, will power, dedication, patience and bravery to get through everyday.  But, you say, “Melissa, you don’t have T1D, how the hell would you know?”  Well, Miss Corey challenged me to become Type 1 for a day by signing up to receive 24 text messages over a 24 hour period that show you what its like to live with the disease.

Let me tell you it was hard to read those messages.  They came at all hours of the day and night (I even got one at 3:07AM) and there is a lot of carb counting, glucose testing, fasting, drinking, and waiting involved.  Every carb eaten needs insulin to keep people alive.

One that stuck with me – you want to eat an apple?  (Not a Snickers, an apple) you have to prick your finger, test your glucose, maybe take some insulin, maybe not, wait, consider it.  Just think about how every food or fitness decision you make is determined by what that meter says.  Want to run or workout?  You have to test to make sure your body can handle it.  It really was an eye-opening experience.  I am not posting them all because I want you to try it.   One of the problems with being overweight is the threat of Type 2 Diabetes.  That is why I was so interested in her story; Type 2 can be preventable by maintaining a healthy weight.  I suggest you try the challenge if you are thinking about losing weight too.  It will really encourage to make better life choices and lose the weight.  Ps. I know there are big differences in the two types, but they BOTH SUCK so let’s focus on managing/curing the disease and avoiding it if we can.

I found some famous people with Type 1, many who have been dealing with it their whole lives as it is usually a disease diagnosed in children and young adults.  Can you find Corey?

To sign up for the challenge click here.  I double dog dare ya!

Donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation here!

Ornament Swap

(Deadline To Sign Up November 11th)

Last blog note of the week, I am participating in a blind ornament swap.  I heard about it from Dana at Wonder Forest, but click here for more information.  It looks like great fun!  You should sign up and maybe we will be secret partners!



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2 responses to “My New Blog Life

  1. thehinzadventures

    Wow…what an amazing post girl! Thanks so much and I’m really glad you liked experiencing the life of me 🙂 You explained everything wonderfully and thanks again – you just brought attention to lots of people that might not have ever known about it! You rock! LOVED the picture collage…lol
    Heading over now to do the ornament exchange! 🙂

    LOVE the marble idea…very fun!

    xoxo from Trinidad

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