Really? Run. Ice!

This post will be short and bittersweet…

Last week I purchased an Armpocket Sport i-20.  I love it.  I got it in black and it fits my iPod and my phone, key and cash!  I tried it out on Saturday and I can verify it is moisture resistant.  There was no slipping and I am so happy I bought it.  It will come in handy at all my races. Especially, the half marathon I am running/walking THIS SUNDAY!  As I was loading my iPod into my new Armpocket I dropped it on the concrete driveway.  The screen cracked a million times.   Are you kidding me? Even Pink was pissed – look at that dirty look she is giving me.

Good news! It still works though and I pray that it holds itself together for the half this weekend.   That way I can fight random people on Black Friday to get a new one.

Also, I ran/walk/crawled 11.64 miles on Saturday.  My friend Lisa told me this was a necessary evil for those ill-prepared runners like me.  It sucked and by the end I think I was dehydrated, bored and my legs were screaming “STOP!!!” So, I did.  I went inside called my awesome coach Mary and asked if I should do an ice bath that so many other runners use for these “long runs.”  She okayed it and off I went into the tub.  I filled it up with cold water just over my legs and Rob dumped in the whole tray of ice.  Brrr!  That was COLD!  My teeth were chattering until most of the ice melted.  But, it definitely helped!   I took it easy the rest of the weekend, got some extra sleep and today I don’t feel too bad.

Ice Is Nice

  • Have you ever run a half marathon and what advice do you have? 

F.I.T. Monday 11-12-2012 #002

No too much to report on this today. I have been focusing all my efforts on getting well and surviving this race coming up.

Weekly F.I.T. Monday Recap

CLASSES: 1 (1 Hours) – Improvement!

MILES: 14.64 – I suck, I know, but I only have one week left!

WEIGHT: +1.6 Crap (I really didn’t try admittedly.) 😦


BMI # +.2





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3 responses to “Really? Run. Ice!

  1. thehinzadventures

    hi there – always do ice baths…it helps the swelling of the muscles… really really helps.. xoxo from Trinidad

    u r going to kill it…trust me

  2. I have heard of ice baths, but it makes me nervous, being a guy. I generally just ice the trouble spots for 15 minutes.

    I have not done a half marathon, but I am just going to skip it am run a full in May. I got to 13 miles in training under 2 hours, so I figured I should just keep going. Then I did tough Mudder, so I count that as my half experience 😉

    • That is awesome! I am so jealous. I really have not trained the way I should have and I really just want to finish it. But, I have to tell you the ice bath was awesome. My friend says that she wears a sweater and drinks coffee while she waits out her ten FREEZING minutes! If you do it, please come back and tell us how it went!

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