Ready To Run (I think)

Oh no!  Freak out mode is in full effect!  I am allegedly ruwarling a half marathon on Sunday!  What is ruwarling? Run/Walk/Crawl.  I have a feeling this is how this will go.  Either way if I finish I will be SOOO proud of myself and thankful to my loving boyfriend for being so supportive and listening to me moan and cry about it since I signed up in August.  No one else in my family really cares that I am doing it.  They have no idea really of how hard this is.

Really what was in my head at the time?  I thought maybe I would be faster, skinnier, sleeker, and an overall bad ass by now.  But, as is typical, my training was less than perfect.  So, I am still my same sized-slow-self.


But, last night I got my stuff together.


  • Armpocket: Ipod, Phone, Gu Chomps, Earbuds
  • Sunscreen – When I ran on Saturday I got a little sunkist, so I am trying to avoid that on Sunday.
  • GPS Watch
  • Compression Pants
  • Run Tampa Official Half Shirt
  • UA Sports Bra
  • Socks/Shoes
  • The Official Throw Away Shirt – This is so I can stay warm at 5AM and throw it away before/during the race.  I sliced that shirt right down the front so it will not interfere with my arm candy or outfit during pictures.  Smart no?  DIY Throw Away Shirt How To:  1.  Get Old Shirt.  2. Use Scissors To Cut Line Down Front.  3.  Add A Sweet Logo With Pink Sharpie. Dunzo!
  • Things not pictured: Bib, Tissues, Car Keys, Frightened Look On My Face.

So, fellow reader-runners what am I missing? 

Oh, One Another Thing That Happened This Week…

Move over Flat Stanley, Meet Ross.

For those of you who follow my facebook you know about Ross but for those in blog world let me introduce you.  I found Ross at Ross (it is a discount store that sells clothes/home goods).  He is the creepiest creature I have ever seen.  He was all mixed in with Pumpkin Spice candles and harvest wreaths.  It’s like a pumpkin headed elf with a purple carrot nose, missing teeth and a wink to die for.  Charming.  Rob and I have adopted him and his brother.  His brother is un-named in the box still.  Now he moves all over the house: in the cupboard, the underwear drawer, the bathroom.  He’s the creepiest pet ever.

Meet Ross.



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2 responses to “Ready To Run (I think)

  1. hi u live near there?
    we are staying at the Expo hotel…
    Last name Melke
    Checking in tomorrow – friday at 5.
    would love to meet you..but race start is not going happen.
    email me

    maybe when u pick your packet up? lunch?

    xoxo from Trinidad

    p.s. you are going to run the HELL out of this race…i know it!!

  2. Rob

    Thanks for the kind words honey! It is a big deal. Ross is the creepiest but funniest thing of all time lol.

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