My First Half Marathon Part 2

So much to talk about and so little time!  Thanksbirth week is sneaking snuck up on me! I had plans all day and all night the last three days.

But, I would not be a good little blogger without doing a race recap on my biggest fitness accomplishment of the year!  I finished my first ever half marathon this last week.

As a side note,  I want to be a part of the movement to change the name to Pikermis to denote that people who finish this distance are important on their own.  “13.1 miles should not be considered half of anything!”  Attacking the elusive marathon may not be for everyone.  I can almost guarantee that it is not for me.  (Unless I hit Powerball and dedicate my life to training which is doubtful because if I do hit Powerball running a marathon will be WAY down on the to do!)  Pikermi is the town in Greece that is halfway between the two towns that started the whole marathon phenom: Athens and Marathon.  Check out this to read more!

Back to my race – below is the route I went.  I must admit that it was a lot of fun, the route was scenic and full of spectators on almost every mile.

The the morning was cold and the day was cool and overcast for the entire race.  One of my only regrets was not rocking a long sleeve.  I think I would have been more comfortable along the way if I was a smidge warmer but then you would miss my Run Tampa shirt!  At 6:30 I posed with the girls from Run Tampa.  And!!!! Run Tampa came in third out of all the teams that raced on Sunday!  Rock on ladies.

Looking Good For 630AM!

I was so encouraged by them all during the race.  It was especially nice to get all the high fives and smiles from their water stop at mile 10.  They all did an amazing job!

The above photos courtesy of Debbie Voiles Director of Run Tampa

I ran the first five miles with my new friend Erin.  She was a great motivator but lets face it I was holding her back so I told her to go on ahead and I would catch her at the finish.  She did great with a time of 3:14!

My only problem to report was around mile eight when I got a pain in my stomach but I think it was dehydration because I loaded up on water at the next stop and felt better.  I did not have any problems or injuries during the race except for two med station stops for tissues – I have runny nose what can I say.  Erin said the rest of you is running maybe your nose just wants to take part too!

We ran through Tropicana Field which was awesome.  I had to stop and take a picture.  Actually, a very kind woman saw me self-snapping and helped me out.

Around mile 12 I was ready to be done.  The running was getting less and less frequent and I was tired.  So what a boost when I saw a guy holding a sign that totally invigorated me.  I also forced him to let me borrow his sign and snap a photo!

At the very end, I ran the last quarter-mile and I am glad I did.  I pushed myself even at the end, even when I was tired.  And, that is why running is so awesome.  You get to do things you never though you could.  So, now I can say I did it and I won’t be afraid to try something else but I really feel that if you put your mind to something no matter who doubts you.  You can do it!

  • Have you ever run a Pikermi and what do you remember most about your first one?



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4 responses to “My First Half Marathon Part 2

  1. glad you had a wonderful race….I did too!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. Rob

    Kudos to you Honey and all the participants!!

  3. Rob

    On to the Color Run!

  4. Erin

    I had a blast pacing you and I promise you weren’t holding me back. Actually hanging with you at the beginning helped me to not die at the end…otherwise I would have purposely gone out way too fast for my (lack of) ability and you would have had to scrape me off of the pavement around mile 10 or so. See you at the Color Run!

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