Hurricane Season Closing So Let’s Have A Closeout!

So today is the last day of November and a very special day because it the last day of Hurricane Season.  What does that mean to any one who does not live on the east coast?  Not much…

But, I’d like to spend the next 31 days working to end the year in the right way! This means enjoying the end of the year with friends and family.  This includes parties, eating, drinking and having a blast! But, within reason.  So, tons of activities, consuming with moderation, making healthy swaps and doing my best to get fitter each week.  I got a little encouragement from Courtney, from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  She is having a 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge !  I am encouraging you to join!  It is a great way to 2,012 reps in before 2013!  Stop by the website and get the rules if you are interested!



  • How will you spend the last month of your 2012?


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One response to “Hurricane Season Closing So Let’s Have A Closeout!

  1. Challenge Accepted!! Starting Dec 1st!
    (1 mile minimum) = 1
    (10 Burpees / Day) = 10
    (25 Sit-ups / Day) = 25
    (1 minute Plank) = 1
    (10 Deadlifts w/ weight0 = 10
    (18 Jumping Jacks) = 18
    =65 reps per day x 31 2012+3!

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