A Hard Day To Remember


My friends, there is not much to say except we all have to stick together when tragedy strikes.  Nothing I post today will compare to this story.   No recipe, run discussion or workout will seem right.   We should all focus on praying for those we lost and hope that talking about this will raise awareness about mental illness, security and hoping that those people who are suffering get help.  Never be afraid to ask for help.  There are people who care still left here.  ASK!!

Bloggers please share this National Blogger Remembrance Picture and please leave your comments and well wishes.  I am praying hard for all those families in true pain today.  My troubles seem so insignificant now.

Much Love To All,




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2 responses to “A Hard Day To Remember

  1. Rob

    I hope this tragedy will bring everyone closer together and maybe shed some light on those who are dealing with such troubling issues and they get the help they need so this kind of heinous act is never repeated.

  2. Maggie Mekdeci

    This is truly a sad time for everyone, innocence was lost as we try to understand why such anger would motivate someone to do this. The heroes and the children would always be remembered and I choose not to recognize the evil in our midst.

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