Race Recap: The Color Run – St. Petersburg

Color Run Review!

On Saturday, December 15th a bunch of my friends and I got together to participate in The Color Run – St. Petersburg. It was a cold and foggy drive to St. Pete and when we left our car I was freezing but we were excited.  After trying to park the car in six different spots – this is a weird habit I have on race day – we were off!  Thank God for Target touchscreen gloves ($1.50 on Black Friday)!

Foggy and Cold

For those of you who don’t know, the Color Run is national race that promotes itself as the “Happiest 5K on the Planet!”  Every kilometer, you are dusted (or drenched) in colored dust: Pink, Blue, Orange, & Yellow.  The dust is colored cornstarch and smelled like flour so it’s not harmful.  The race route started at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg, FL and wound down the Pier and through downtown.

Map Color Run St Pete

I had assembled a pretty great team and we all met up before the race to take a group photo in our white clothes and party glasses/goggles.  Rob was a great sport being the only guy on a team called the “Color Cuties.” We look very clean here but that did not last long.


The race had approximately 10,000 runners/walkers and I have to be honest the corral wait was brutal.  The race should have started at 9:00AM but we couldn’t get on the course until about 9:45.  Which is no fun…

Corral Madness

I think we were in the fourth or fifth wave (which was not organized by speed but rather on what time you arrived to the race).  By the time our wave was ready we were much happier.

Starting Line

Obviously, the best part of the race was the color dust but unfortunately the miles in between were a little weak.  They needed more cheering and music and overall fun I think.  The majority of the time you spend recovering from the color zones.  BUT, the color zones were really fun so it definitely made up for it.


Yellow zone was crazy!

At the end of the race at the finish line you are supposed to open the color packet they gave you in your race packet and get crazy which many people did.  That is why some people are more colorful than others. Also, the color packets were different colors than the course colors like teal and purple.


The COLOR aftermath: Shannon and Brandi

after 56

Group “after” photo


There was also a great stage with tons of music and every fifteen minutes they had a color explosion.  This was really awesome to see.  I got this picture from their Facebook wall since we had to leave earlier than we would have liked.  We got to see the countdown and explosion but we were not close enough to take this good of a picture. Color Boom!

Color Run St Pete

Also, it was great to hear that part of the race funds went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  JDRF is the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research and awareness.  This is a really great cause!  It is nice to know that a portion of our $50 registration fee will be used for some good. It was a fun time overall and I recommend it anyone who likes to smile a lot and get a little dirty once in a while.  The blue was the hardest to get out but it was not bad at all.  It was a great addition to the “Races” page even though we did not time ourselves.

Have you done the Color Run?  What did you think? 



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3 responses to “Race Recap: The Color Run – St. Petersburg

  1. Maggie Mekdeci

    How colorful and fun..I want to do this next time around:)

  2. Had a good time for my first “official” race, thanks for letting me tag along 🙂 I stole some of these pics!

  3. Fun…didnt know it benefited T1’s…thanks for that support!

    xoxo from Texas

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