I Am A Virtual Runner Now

So, I managed to take six minutes out of my day and come up with my January 2013 workout schedule.  I am already behind in it but I think I need to share it with the world anyway.  It should help me meet my goals and catch up on my running skills which have been thrown by the wayside in my over-celebration of Jesus’ Birthday.  I definitely am a victim of FSS.  I did not workout like I should and I definitely did not run like I should have.  I am most looking forward to Yoga/Fun Cardio Sundays and getting back to strength training! Zumba started on Monday so I am back to that fun-diversión as well.

January 2013

My only race over the break was on December 22nd.  I participated in a Hooters Race “The Mayans Were Wrong 5K.” It was supposed to be a celebration on the beach because the world did not end.

However, the actual race on  Clearwater Beach was sold out.  So, I decided to become a virtual runner.  For those who don’t know, a virtual runner is one who runs the race on their own honor.  You make the course and vow to complete the 3.1 (or whatever distance) on your own.  You time yourself and you run the distance solo. It is a great opportunity to be a part of the race community, accomplish goals and earn medals/kudos from races you normally would not be able to do because of travel and time constraints.  It really is neat because you can do it whenever you have time!  Which to me means you don’t have to wake up before dawn, drive and wait in the cold to be a road race runner!

Virtual registrants of this race received a bib, sweatshirt (which is terribly ugly but I love) and finisher’s medal.  So, we got quite a lot of swag!   Honestly, a lot more than some races.  The cost for the virtual race was $35.

My Bib

They mailed my bib in advance of race day.  Technically, you can run the race whenever but I ran it on race day about the same time the race started on the beach.  I wore my bib and ran the 3.1 through my neighborhood.  I felt a little stupid wearing the bib but I did it.  I had a picture but Rob had it on his old phone so its gonzo.  😦

FinisherMy time was 49:25.  Which sucks but at least I did it!


My new jewelry has gone to live with his brothers and sisters

Race coordinators mailed the sweatshirt and medal after the race in January.  I love the medal because it is dated and it has a bottle opener on it!  Sweet no?

I thought it was a great experience and I would definitely partake in another one.  The only downside I see is that you miss out on the runner’s high that the starting line corral gives you.  Also, you miss out on the post race party which to me is half the fun!  I did eat a post race banana though.

Have you ever participated in a Virtual Race that you actually paid for? If not, would you? 

I will be back next Monday to recap the Glow Run!   TTYL

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