You Glow Girl! (Free Medal Giveaway)

Hello Fitkist Peeps!

I hope you all are having a productive week!  I know I am not.  School started this week and is already tearing at my soul (mantra: four more months, four more months).

But I did have a super, fabulous weekend!  We finally got to do the Glow Run.  It was awesome!  For those of you who don’t know the Glow Run is a night-time 5K that encourages glow sticks, flashing lights, and black light fun.  There are three chances to go through “black light fun zones” where you can stop and play around, dance to the rave music and snap a few photos.

Glow Run Sign
I went with Rob and my friend Shannon, who by the way I am SO proud of.  She has lost about 30 pounds and has participated in a three 5Ks in the last four months.  To me that is so inspirational and exciting.  I am really excited for her new “racing” hobby.   Although, in case you are reading this Shannon, you better not get faster than me!

three amigos

Overall, the race was really put together well.  Packet, shirt and glow stick pick up was really easy.  The race started on time too which is really great because of my corral anxiety.  But, everyone was in a great mood it was just so much fun.  The more I do them the more I enjoy these non-competitive races because there is no pressure.   It’s just fun and relaxing!  We spent about twenty minutes breaking and connecting glow sticks and glow glasses.  I actually broke one and my shirt turned a little glow-y for a while.

My Glow Love

The starting line was away from registration and when we lined up we were in the second wave.  This a my view from the corral.



The course wound through downtown St. Petersburg and despite it being January it was pretty hot out.  The glow zones were fun because the black light makes you look like Violet from Willy Wonka.

Photo bomb

I wonder if J-Lo will rock my sweaty blueberry look at the Oscars??

We walked the course so we were rounding up the tail of the race.  I don’t think I have ever been last at a race but I’m only waiting for that day.  When we finished they had great places to take pictures, medals, beer and Nutri-Grain bars waiting for us. Of course in keeping with the spirit I opted for the Blueberry option.

Photo Finish

At the end of the race there is a big 21 and up party where you can get free beer (all you can eat Nutri-Grain bars) and dance the night away in a glowing festival.  We opted not to stay for the party for two reasons – we are old and we were starving.  Since we decided to stay down there we went back to the hotel to get food and change and then we hit the town.   During our night out we saw tons of Glow Run people running around in tutus, crazy socks and wacky outfits.  I think someone had too much fun because they lost their medal and the bartender Brandi was talking to gave it to her!  Well, she gave it to me and now I am going to give it to one of you.


If you are interested in running your own Glow Run (your own safe path, your steam, your time, your liability) write a comment below.  Make the commitment to try a ‘virtual’ 5K!  After you run post the date you ran/walked on my Fitkist facebook page.  At the end of February I will randomly select from the racers to get the medal. Get extra entries by posting a photo and commenting on Twitter (#fitkist).

For those of you interested but without social media you can email me your entry too.  Glow Baby Glow!

Have you ever run the Glow Run?  If not, are you interested now? 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! This race was a blast, a definite re-do will be happening next year if it is back in Tampa!

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