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What You Thought This Was Going To Be Easy? Hmmm.

I think the reason why personal trainers are so expensive is because they make you work so hard.  Otherwise, why would you go?  You want to FEEL like your hard earned bucks are going to a good cause.  In my case the cause is my booty, tummy, arms, legs – whole body basically.  Although, I must admit my eyeballs are in really good shape – perfectly skinny. 🙂  Anyway, this was our second co-ed PT session and we both look like maniacs afterwards.  My hair looks like it had electricity running through it basically.    I NEED these:  Fly Away Tamer Headbands From Lululemon   I saw them on the blog Running with the Sunrise and now I  NEED them.   However, I need to go to the store and try them on, my skull is part of “the cause” too.

During training, I realized again how out of shape I am and that I hate crawling on and off machines.  I admire the ladies and gents who do it gracefully and quickly.  I feel like a newborn baby horse with too many legs and arms or something.

animals,foals,hoofs,horses,mammals,natureBUT, our trainer is really professional and very encouraging, so I think we are doing the right thing.  It is expensive for us both to do it concurrently,  so I may have to differ Rob to the PT solo.  He really likes it and is doing very good for a first time PT client.  We worked on all the overall body yesterday but with an emphasis on legs.  Legs are the best because they are such a huge muscle group the burn lots and lots of calories!  We did squats, lunges and tons of machines.  It was definitely a work out!

One of the funniest things our trainer said yesterday, “Friends don’t let friends miss leg day.”  And, this is so true.  My running coach Mary said the same thing, she thinks training helps with the running which is my ultimate goal.  We did planks yesterday and I still can’t check that 60 second plank off the Fitkist fitness bucket list.  I am sore today but not in pain.  Bring on Thursday!

Leg Day

I told him I would steal it and I have

Finally, we only have one week until Valentine’s Day!  I love love.  What can I say?  My goal this week is to work on doing a couple of these exercises below daily in order to maintain my current strength training and keep up with the cardio (and of course kick some lbs to the curb).  These are all moves I am familiar with so I am not worried about doing them.  Obviously, if you are going to try any of these please do so at your own risk, speed, weight, etc. I am just posting these to help remind me what my choices are and maybe give you a little inspiration.  To me the jumping jacks are the worst.  They are like in jelly shoes in that you remember you loved them in your childhood but now realize how horrible they are.  My favorite are standing side crunches – Turbo-jam style.  If you do them right you’ll feel it tomorrow.

Valentine's Day

I must say that we are having an unconventional Valentine’s date that will not require a dress.  We are going to a hockey game so I will be wearing jeans but its still nice to fit in the skinny ones when needed!

Good news is that I lost four pounds too.  Every little bit helps.

What is your favorite and least favorite to do from the You Pick ’em list?

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Things I Have Learned This Week

It has been a hectic week to be certain.  I did not get to make a wonderfully thought out, intuitive and informative post as usual.  Ridiculous I know.  But, I have had so much to do, plan and think about my mind is fried.

When I look down at my list of “to-dos” that I make every Monday morning without fail, I see that I am still way behind.  I think that I have made a little progress nonetheless.  Here goes:

Living Without Artificial Sugar Sucks

Paula over at Eat: Watch: Run is on a kick where she is not consuming it for one month.  She should definitely get a crown or something equally awesome because I tried it this week and I only made it to Friday.  It’s the coffee man.  I need it!!! So, I tried something new today.  I tried Nectresse today and it was pretty good!  More granular than Splenda and it claims to be 100% natural.

But, this definitely does not keep in line with Paula’s idea of getting away from the artificial stuff.  Her reasons include: “artificial sweetener leaches calcium from your bones and depletes minerals in your body, it makes you crave more sugar, it makes your glycemic index go way up.”  Obviously, clean eating is the best option but guess I can’t do it.  Truth be told – being on a low carb diet requires me to get a little sweetness from the artificial beasts.


Made from: Erythritol, Sugar, Monk Fruit, Molasses and its calorie free.

Men Definitely Workout Differently Than Women

Rob and I went to workout together with a trainer this week.  We are trying to get in some good shape for the big engagement party.  I was excited and nervous.   Excited because I love having a trainer, they are motivating, smart and very encouraging.  Also, they make it impossible for you to deny how fat and out of shape you are.

I was nervous because the trainer was a guy (my first ever) and he is my cousin’s boyfriend.  I can guarantee everyone in my family knows how chubby I am now.  Not, that I care – they obviously can see me.  🙂  But, what I learned is that men look at training differently because they focus on bulking up and gaining major muscle mass through heavy lifting.  The only bulking up I want to do is in my wallet and the heavy lifting is for shopping bags only.    Yes, these are counter-productive goals but that is my life in a nutshell.

Oh yeah boys smell gross when working out.  Yuck.

Men Women

Why yes, Rob and I look just like this when working out. Thank you for asking.

Losing Weight Is Hard

Drumroll –  I lost 1.2 pounds in January.  Boo!! I am about 8.8 short of my goals. I want to lose between 12-10 lbs per month.  I am back on track this month.  I promise to report back March 1!


Senioritis Is Real

I am counting down the days until school is complete.  I am not sure why the program requires the most labor intensive classes at the end.  But, at this point who cares.   Three good months and I will on my way to getting that FSU Alumni license plate cover I have dreamed about since 2000.  I have about 100+ pages to read about IT and Insurance.  Can you believe that I don’t want to do this?  I didn’t think so.


I Love Pinterest


I have a great love affair with Pinterest and I am sharing it with you now.  I made my Mom sign up too because I know she will be a great pinner.   My biggest problem with Pinterest is that I pin too many treats and don’t attempt all the dang workouts I pin.  If you want to follow me, you should probably do it,  I like my pins.  Here are my most popular pins this week:

PicMonkey Collage

Ok, truth be told the flip-flops from Express and that ring are not pins.  Both should be though, the flops are wedding white and that is my new “workout ring.”  My workout ring is what I wear when I am doing things, like working out, that might damage my actual ring.  It is similar to mine but about 3 carats bigger.  🙂

What did you learn this week?

Also, no one has claimed that Glow Run medal yet.   If you want to try a virtual 5K of your own you should do it.  I will mail it to you (US only please).   

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