Feel Good Friday

Hello Team!

Not much to report on my end of the fitness world.  I am very busy preparing for baby’s arrival.  Which includes Rob going through a MEGA nesting phase.  We are upgrading, painting, cleaning and out doing ourselves.  But, he loves his projects so I will let him do it even if it kills me.  Tomorrow is the first of my baby showers (I am a lucky girl)  and I will be attempting to make candy moustaches tonight.  Similar to these:

Baby Shower CandyI just hope they turn out better than the Great Fourth-of-July Donut Cake Pop Disaster of 2013.  I will never attempt those bastards again.  Ever.  Pinterest can either make you look like a kitchen rock star or a mud pie baker.  I will post the candy results next week.  There are not many how-to candy tips on the Internet.  Trust me I Googled.  A lot.

Also, last week Rob found this adorable outfit for Baby C.  That’s his name until we can think of something more appropriate for a job application.



Anyway, one of the things that makes pregnancy different then “normal” life is the fact that you are limited on your beverage selections.  You can’t have alcohol, caffeine, artificial flavors or sugars and you should limit your juice and soda intakes as well.  So, that leaves you with good ole’ H2O.  My cheaply edited infographic explains some of the benefits of water to your body.  (Please Pin It)

Water Super Hero

1.  Obviously, it hydrates your body efficiently and without the use of chemicals or calories.  It improves skin tone, organ function, eye lubrication and on and on.  Basically, it balances your body fluids and keeps your system flowing.

2. It can energize you quickly and provide a mini boost any time of day.  It minimizes muscle fatigue because hydrated muscles work better.

3. It improves and aids in digestion and can help keep you regular.

4. It can be a calorie controller when you are trying to maintain or lose weight because it is calorie free, it can replace high calorie beverages and can fill you up leaving less room for food.

5. It can really help keep your skin moisturized and fresh.  It won’t reduce wrinkles but it will help you look refreshed.  It is the natural BB Cream.

6.  It can boost your immune system by keeping all your organs in peak condition and functioning properly.

But, given all its benefits water can get boring.  I have been adding real juice (about half and half) to it over ice and that helps.  I also love sparkling water – to me it’s like Sprite without the sugar.  I add a lime or lemon wedge and this really brightens the drink.  When we are out I have been known to drink a Shirley Temple but only one because they are SUPER sweet.  I have taken on my role as a water drinker rather well but I am looking forward to coffee and champagne when it becomes appropriate next year.

Given that you are supposed to drink 64oz plus a day, how far away from your water goals are you?  Any tips to help others get enough in?

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  1. Party Rob

    No more projects for me for a long time! Please don’t ever reference the Great Cake Pop disaster of 2013. I still have nightmares!! I can’t wait until we pick out a name for Baby C. I suggest you start a baby naming contest on your blog. What do you think?

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