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Sooooo not much happening and a new book club!

Hello my long, lost friends.  Since no one has inquired as to why I have not posted since June I am sure that just Rob and I are reading this blog.  Hi Rob! I know its boring but what can you do??  (#vegasbritney2015)

Bored Britney

Not much to report in the way of weight loss but I have not really done much.  I did complete one week of the 21 Day Fix and I love the workouts but hate the containers.  I will be better about posting updates soon.


I started an online book club on Facebook called Ladies Night.  Which is basically a revival of one my friend Briana invented a long time ago. Bottom line, it helps me keep organized and guarantees that I will read at least one book a month.  This is the link to join the group on Facebook –> Ladies Night Book Club.  The book for October 2014 is Orange is the New Black. The Netflix show is based on the book.  As I have been walking around with my nose in a book the first reaction has been, “oh they made a book??”  Um, no they made a show.  So far the book is pretty good.


The November 2014 book is going to be Pines by Blake Crouch.  Fox is creating a new series starting in January and its “supposed” to be really good. And, if you like the first book you can read the other two because of course its a trilogy. For those who don’t read I will give you an update on both books at the end of their respective months.


Go HERE to see the trailer for the new Fox show and read about the book series and author.

What are you reading?


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