I am Melissa and very pleased to have you here!

So, why am I doing this blog?  Mostly to keep myself accountable for living a healthy life.  I have been overweight my entire life and I have tried every diet.  You name it I’ve done it!  I made all kinds of bad food and health habits.  But, I am ready for a change.  I was inspired to use a blog by some of the other more intimidating bloggers who are healthy weights, beautiful, happy and most times hilarious! Basically, this blog is geared toward inspiring myself and others to get healthy, get active and learn new things about the world around us.

So, I am trying a new approach: make better choices, hold myself accountable, eat simple, unprocessed foods, exercise (and enjoy it), love life and help others.  I am going to post about my journey from chubs to healthy in a way I hope inspires others to do the same.  Even if only one person follows this blog and they make some better decisions because of it, to me it will be worth it.  This is not a weight-loss blog although I want to get to a healthy weight and maintain it, but rather this is to report on my progress to “A Healthy Life…With A Kiss Of Fitness”

So, join my on my journey and we will learn it all together! I hope you enjoy!

My favorite activities are Running and Zumba!  I love Yoga, Boot Camp and Crossfit too, but I participate in those less frequently.  I am looking forward to trying new exercises and planning my Fitkist Bucket List.

The most important thing I tend to forget about life is that it is beautiful and precious and so many of us forget that until it’s too late.

So, let’s enjoy all the amazing wonders of this world together!  I am very sarcastic, overly critical of myself BUT I love to have fun and share some laughs.

Some of the topics I hope to cover:

Health and Fitness, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Traveling, Interesting Current Events, Great Books and Reading, Movies and Documentaries, Food and Cooking,  New Music Discoveries, Beauty and Fashion and just about anything to make you smile.


I am currently a graduate student studying at The Florida State University.

I am a previous graduate of The University of South Florida.

My background is solely in Business Administration, Marketing, and Finance.  I am not a writer, journalist, dietitian, medical professional or physical trainer.

These are my experiences and you should decide for yourself what fitness and lifestyle choices work best for you!  I am just a girl with a laptop and some fun things I want to talk about.

Little Known Fact: One of my lifetime goals is to visit every continent.  Including Antarctica.  (Brrr) I have three down so far.  I am missing all the A’s: the aforementioned Antarctica, Africa, Asia, Australia.


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