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Sooooo not much happening and a new book club!

Hello my long, lost friends.  Since no one has inquired as to why I have not posted since June I am sure that just Rob and I are reading this blog.  Hi Rob! I know its boring but what can you do??  (#vegasbritney2015)

Bored Britney

Not much to report in the way of weight loss but I have not really done much.  I did complete one week of the 21 Day Fix and I love the workouts but hate the containers.  I will be better about posting updates soon.


I started an online book club on Facebook called Ladies Night.  Which is basically a revival of one my friend Briana invented a long time ago. Bottom line, it helps me keep organized and guarantees that I will read at least one book a month.  This is the link to join the group on Facebook –> Ladies Night Book Club.  The book for October 2014 is Orange is the New Black. The Netflix show is based on the book.  As I have been walking around with my nose in a book the first reaction has been, “oh they made a book??”  Um, no they made a show.  So far the book is pretty good.


The November 2014 book is going to be Pines by Blake Crouch.  Fox is creating a new series starting in January and its “supposed” to be really good. And, if you like the first book you can read the other two because of course its a trilogy. For those who don’t read I will give you an update on both books at the end of their respective months.


Go HERE to see the trailer for the new Fox show and read about the book series and author.

What are you reading?


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Race Recap and F.I.T. Monday

Race Recap: Richard’s Run For Life 2012

Friday Rob and I participated in the 11th Annual Richard’s Run For Life race in Ybor City.  It was our first race together since July and our very first race at night.  It started at 7:00PM but we got there early to get our packets and our chips.  Also, because of parking.  I have race day anxiety about parking and tend to arrive mega early so I am not stressed and late.   Call me crazy, I just hate worrying about parking.  The race was a 5K loop and we almost ran into Downtown Tampa it was so close.  It was definitely a party atmosphere with music blasting and chicken and yellow rice smells wafting across the park.  But, it was also one of hope as the race benefits cancer research at Moffitt.  The temperature was cool so that was a big help to me as the Florida heat always gets me down.

I started the race off strong but was shortly left behind by Rob (as is usual).  I always see him running by but he never looks for me.  My unofficial time according to my GPS watch was 46:08 which about a 14:53 pace.  This is about average for me.  But, I was happy with it since I have been battling side pain for about 6 weeks now.   I tried one strip of KT tape and it did not help me very much.  One thing I did learn was to always wear a hat when running even if it’s at night – my hair was bonkers by the end.

Rob and I at the race and probably the worst picture of us ever.

Run Tampa Peeps!

(Note: I never make the Run Tampa group photo.  Ever. This time I missed it because I was third in line for the bathroom after waiting 20 minutes – I just couldn’t leave!!)

Overall, it was a great event with tons of people, food and drinks.  At the end of the race, I was greeted by smiling faces from the team and Rob cheering me on which is always comforting.  We also got “free” dinner courtesy of the Columbia and a couple of Michelob Ultras (I declined the beers this time – shocking I know.)  I had to wake up super early to attend my friend Edith’s baby shower so I wanted to get home, get organized and get to bed. All good things!!  I am glad we hit the streets of Ybor for a good cause this time!  Usually when we are down there at night it’s for madness and mayhem.

  • Have you ever ran a night race?  To me, it was nice because the atmosphere is fun and the temperature is nice and cool.  I also really like running through red lights.  It makes me feel important.

F.I.T. Monday

#001 – This was not the greatest week to start my Fitkist challenge:  I had family in town, my back, leg and side are all injured.  I was planning part of a baby shower and trying to train for a half but I failed.  I just couldn’t get it together.  The closer it gets the more I am dreading it.  I am scared of failing because so many people doubt me.  I am know I am going to suck at it but at least I will have done it.  To me that’s better than not trying at all.  Once I do it I think that a 15K will be my next goal.  There is just too much of a time commitment for me to train for another half now.  I really just want to lose the weight!  I am so inspired by my friend Olivia who has lost 46 pounds since June.  That is crazy awesome.  She is still on the diet but she is really doing it.  I am so happy (and slightly jealous) for her.  I want to be next!

Weekly F.I.T. Monday Recap

CLASSES: 0 (0 Hours) – I suck, I know.

MILES: 10.12 – I suck, I know.

WEIGHT: -2.0 – Yeah me!

BMI # – I will only record the weekly changes.



PB Fingers Book Club Review! October

There is a lot going on in this blog post I know, but I had to get this little book review in.  I started reading the book for the Peanut Butter Finger’s October Book Club Selection : Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.  I started on a Tuesday evening and finished it that night!  It has been a long time since I finished a book in one sitting but I was really intrigued by the story.  The book is about a girl who commits suicide and then sends a set of audio tapes to the thirteen people she think most influenced her decision to take her own life.  The tapes detail each person’s role in her life and eventually her death.  It deals with many teenage problems: underage drinking, lies, unauthorized photos, sex, rape, driving under the influence, bullying and the list goes on…. With all these interesting topics it was hard not to get sucked in.

I really liked how Asher tied all the characters together over the course of the plot.  I was rooting for Hannah (the girl who dies) and Clay (the narrator and one of the 13).  The author really makes you wish things were different for them both.  I highly recommend it for all teens and parents.  It was an eye-opening read.  If you get a chance you should definitely check it out.  I just wish her parents would have played a more of a role in her life and maybe she would have thought differently about ending it.

13 reasons why

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