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Coconut Water Review


After a few month hiatus perhaps you are wondering what I have been up to.   The last race I participated in was Iron Girl – Clearwater back it April.  It was a tough one but I am so glad I did it.  I suffered a little dehydration after but more than anything I LOVED the pancake bar!  I am mini-germ freak so the self yourself sloppy bananas and strawberry toppings was a little freaky but still really tasty!

Also, a few months after the engagement we found out we had a little surprise bundle on the way!  It’s A BOY and we have no idea what to name him, so I welcome your suggestions!   And, we had a mini marriage ceremony in Charleston (just the three of us) in June.   Just a little preview picture.  Since our ceremony was so short we don’t have that many.  😦  We are planning a church wedding in 2014 since we did not get to celebrate with anyone – not even our parents.  Sorry!

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 5 Months Pregnant Tummy


Many people have encouraged me to start blogging again even though my fitness goals have been put on hold.  So, I am back! 

For now, I will blog about healthy choices and mini fitness accomplishments I can make while still pregnant.  It won’t be hardcore but I hope to make it interesting.  I am not going to guarantee a pregnancy free post every time but don’t expect a full blown baby takeover either!

Back to the review, my family comes from a country with a tropical locale and as such I recently heard a story about when my parents were dating, after they had a fun night of partying they would buy coconut water right off the street and drink it to replenish and refresh.  Allegedly, it was amazing!  In response, I decided to research and taste this new hyper-trendy beverage.

Benefits have been reported to include:

Benefits of Coconut Water

I have read some articles where professional athletes swear by it, often replacing their engineered sports drinks with it.  I have even heard it helps with a hangover.  But, nothing is really 100% guaranteed.

Either way I had to give it a try.  I tried Vita Coco pure coconut water, you get around 11 ounces for $2.  I was excited to try to adopt a new post-race beverage.  One that was all natural and like a superhero for my liver! They do an excellent job marketing it and I love that it does not come from a coconut concentrate.  There are three ingredients, the first of which is you guessed it:  Coconut Water!  Ultra Natural!  (I bought the bottle myself, they did not sponsor this post in anyway.  This is just my opinion.)


(Insert sadface) I did not love it.  I didn’t like the smell and although the taste was not bad by any means it was not something I would want to chug after a long workout either.  It didn’t have the suntan lotion coconut flavor I was hoping for.  I had a taste test around the office and the reviews were certainly mixed.  Some people did not mind and some just down right hated it.  But, for me I think the taste was just so-so.  I don’t think I would buy it again.  I think if you are a recreational athlete then just plain ol’ H2O should work for you.  I do suggest if you are curious to buy yourself a single bottle and do a little taste testing of your own.  The most you’ll lose is $2 or so and maybe you will love it and have a new sports drink replacement.  The fact that its natural should spur you to at least try it.  I wish I could have loved it more.

I am glad to be back and would love to hear from you!

Have you ever tried coconut water? 

Did you like it and how often do you drink it?

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